Anuja Sathe,

Counselling Psychologist

Expertise: Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression

MA Counselling Psychology, SNDT University

My work has always been geared towards helping my clients meet their goals. I believe that most people require and seek compassion, empathy, positive regard when seeking help and I aim to address my client’s needs in a safe and secure environment.

I also come with experience in psychological testing and assessments, psychological therapy for clients across age groups. I am keen on designing and conducting mental health workshops and seminars to help break the stigma on mental illness.

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Priyanka Moryani, Counselling Psychologist

Expertise: Relationships, Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression

Msc- Psychological Counselling, Christ University, Bangalore

I am passionate about empowering individuals and recognizes counselling to be one of the paths that can contribute to their emotional and mental well-being. With over 7+ years of experience working in the field of Psychology and Mental Health, I have worked in various educational institutions in the past dealing with students as well as adults on different issues.


I resonate with the idea of being not just a counsellor but also a collaborator, an educational leader who believes that each individual is unique and deserves unconditional positive regard and respect.


Zainab Najmi,

Clinical Psychologist

Expertise: Depression, OCD, Stress and Relationship Issues

MA Clinical Psychology, Mumbai University

I believe that ‘Every Emotion Is Important’ and my aim is to put my client’s needs first in order to fully support them on their well-being journey. I come with significant experience in counselling adults across a wide range of mental health concerns from various cultural backgrounds.

I am also an ABA therapist and certified in hypnosis and graphology.


Niharika Kale,

Clinical Psychologist

Expertise: Stress, Anxiety, Fear

MSc. Clinical Health Psychology, University of Strathclyde, UK

I employ a Person-centered and dynamic approach to support my client’s through their mental health concerns. My varied experience has equipped me to use different therapy tools with the aim of helping my clients manage stress, mood disturbances, grief and bereavement.

I also work with everyday concerns, relationship issues and am skilled at addressing mental health concerns of those suffering from chronic physical ailments. 


Ashi Tomar,

Clinical Psychologist

Expertise: Stress, Anxiety,  Relationship difficulties

MA Clinical Psychology, Amity University

I am passionate about helping individuals heal, empowering them to translate their emotions, name their feelings and ultimately helping them to be their own best versions. I specialize in Relationship Counselling, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

During my sessions, I focus on using a Person-centered along with an eclectic approach comprising Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness based approaches of counselling interventions.


Disha Sampat,

Clinical Psychologist

Expertise: Trauma, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression

MA, R.D. National College

During my time in the USA, I worked in clinical settings such as hospitals and day care centers with adults, older adults and children on the autism spectrum. While working with clients, I believe that each individual’s voice matters and it is important for him/her/them to be heard. Additionally, I have also conducted one to one individual sessions and worked closely with clients who may have faced trauma

Equipped with a Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute, New York, I also use a body based approach and creative arts interventions to support my clients better.


Divya Pillai,

Clinical Psychologist

Expertise: Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Grief, Adjustment issues

MA Clinical Psychology- SNDT University

In my professional opinion, helping clients develop emotional endurance and coping resources will empower them to face their issues in a healthy manner.

I am a clinical psychologist with considerable experience in clinical testing and counselling in outpatient clinics, hospitals and crisis intervention.

During my sessions, I believe in providing a safe space, empathy and actively listening to my clients.  


Urvashi Manot, Counselling Psychologist

Expertise: Depression, Stress, Anxiety

M.A. Counselling Psychology, S.N.D.T University

I believe in creating an empathetic and non-judgemental environment to facilitate emotional and behavioural growth for my clients. My work experience spans across counselling sessions, conducting mental health workshops and group aptitude testing. With the right guidance and support, I aim to empower my clients to develop effective coping strategies and work towards having a healthier mind.

Mildred Rodrigues, Counselling Psychologist

Expertise:  Anxiety, Trauma,

Self-Esteem, Relationships,

MA Counselling Psychology, SNDT University

I believe that each of my clients have the resources within them to deal with their challenge’s, both internal and external. Over the past 9 years of experience, I have worked extensively with children, young adults, parents, and families in various clinics, private and not for profit organizations.

I practise a Client-centred approach, along with cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy, gestalt therapy, if my client’s concerns benefit from those specific techniques.


However, exploring those resources, finding strength, and feeling empowered, is the powerful process of therapy.


Harini Iyer, Psychotherapist

Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma

M.A. Applied Psychology, Clinical – Mumbai University

I believe wholeheartedly in building a collaborative plan to achieve goals that are meaningful, in a manner that feels safe, accepting and empowering to all involved.

For over than 7 years, I have worked with children, adolescents and adults to help them cope better with life circumstances and achieve better outcomes.

I use a variety of methods such as EMDR, ISP, REBT and Attachment work with a trauma sensitive lens to help people get over the past and current blockages.