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Why Focus On Well-Being? 

Research has proven that employee well-being directly influences work behaviour, attendance, job performance and talent management. 


It is no secret that happier people are more productive, less prone to physical and mental health concerns and have higher levels of resilience. 


You can add value to your company by recognizing that each person comes with their own personality and brings something unique to the table. 

When employees feel valued at work, they go above and beyond in their roles to help the organization succeed.


What's In Store?


Workplace culture is the cornerstone of an organization.

Although the concept of a ‘happy workplace’ has been tossed around for a while, there is still a grey area around what truly makes employees happy. 

From interactive corporate workshops, expressive arts sessions, professional counselling hubs and quirky office supplies, we’ve got a host of options that are sure to brighten your day .

Our Employee Assistance Program takes the strengths and virtues that enable organizations to generate the best possible outcomes in the workplace in to account. 

All options come with the flexibility to customize something that suits your needs. It all starts right here.


Happiness Workshops

Our approach to workplace well-being is holistic. We recognize that employees at different levels encounter unique sets of challenges. Happiness workshops are a great way to start the well-being journey for your organization. 


It encourages employees to explore different areas of happiness by bringing about a positive change in the way they think and feel. 

Interested in learning more about what we have to offer?

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Why Us?

Welcome to your ‘one-stop-shop’ for employee well-being!

Experienced Team

Being leading Work Culture Consultants for the past 10 years has given us a holistic glimpse into what it takes to build an admirable culture and a productive workforce. We view well-being as a crucial piece of the work culture puzzle. Rather than occasionally addressing workplace mental health, we believe in weaving it into the very fabric of an organization.

360 Degree Approach

Employee happiness calls for a bespoke number of services to come together and work in tandem. Our Workplace Well-being Consultancy services are linked to our ‘people to customer first’ approach as Work Culture Consultants where we focus on making work-life more balanced.

Backed By Science

Using evidence-based concepts such as Resilience, Creativity, Happiness and Mindfulness, we focus on analyzing what drives your employees to give their best at work. We recognize that flexibility at work is an organization’s greatest asset. Our assistance program has been designed to provide your organization with a range of choices that can be customized to suit every need.

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